Monday, March 1, 2010

A Sense of Humor

On Sunday, I was reading the want ads and came across one employment possibility. I composed a cover letter and "dusted off" my resume in preparation of emailing them on Monday.

Then the goof-ball in me kicked in. I've been noticing my hair gray roots and need for a trim challenges and needed to get them covered/cut before I'd feel ready to face an interview situation. So my plan was forming for Monday. Go to the miracle worker hairdresser before sending off the email.

Then I noticed that the ad in the newspaper was a bit different than the online ad. Basic skills required were the same in each, yet the online ad specified one unique addition. A sense of humor. What?

How do I work that into my cover letter?
"As specified in your online ad, I have a sense of humor."
"A good sense of humor."
"A great sense of humor."
I wasn't falling in love with any of these choices. So I took the easy way out and in my cover letter wrote that I was replying to their newspaper ad. (There was no sense of humor mentioned there.) Phewwww.

I went to the hairdresser on Monday. Came home and emailed my cover letter and resume. Knew I'd get an Auto Reply saying that my resume was received. Then came the surprise....the name of the company appeared for the first time in this process....and it was the same company/job I had interviewed for six months ago! (You know the one where they decided to "go with someone else.")

I started laughing.
After all, I have a sense of humor!
And my hair looks great too!

I'll update later if I get a call to interview because really....shouldn't they have a sense of humor?

Do you have a humorous job search story?

Update: I received an email from the owner of the company saying that the advertised job was filled but there is an opening for a receptionist position if I'm interested in applying. It would pay $9,000 less. I'm guessing that they promoted the receptionist to the advertised position and wish her well. I won't be applying for the open sense of humor is just too exhausted!

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  1. Good luck on the job! I don't really have a humorous job search story. But, I do know that you have to have a sense of humor to survive job searches! :)


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