Friday, June 25, 2010

The Jesus Prayer

This past week I attended Adult Vacation Bible School at my church. Each day we were taught about Spiritual Formation and different ways to practice being in a closer relationship with God.

The first day we discussed Mark 10:46-52. A particular verse caught my attention. Vs. 47 which says, "Jesus Christ, Son of David, have mercy on me!"

This reminded me of The Jesus Prayer that I had learned years ago and I talked with our teacher after the lesson on Monday about it. Since she was finished teaching for the day, she said that I could bring that up on Tuesday. After teaching on Tuesday, she apologized for not remembering to bring it up and I really wasn't concerned about it, so no apology was necessary.

On Wednesday...after spilling Diet Coke on the front of my shirt, the teacher said, "Cindy? Would you come up front and tell us about The Jesus Prayer?"

"Oh heck. I just spilled something on me....but I'll just carry up my folder to hide it."

Laughter followed me as I trotted up to the front and held the mini microphone so I could be heard by all. I had my folder strategically placed to hide my sloppiness.

I said something like this, "After our reading Mark on Monday, it reminded me that years ago I learned The Jesus Prayer. It is 'Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.' I was very stressed and by focusing on this, repeating it over and over, and stressing each word separately....well....I think it saved my life. It helped me become calm, centered, and put my focus on Jesus....and isn't that where we want to be?"

I handed the microphone back to the teacher and trotted back to my seat with my folder still in front of me. (I am not comfortable speaking to large groups and was hoping that I had made sense in my mini explanation of The Jesus Prayer.)

During our break, I had a conversation with a woman who thanked me for sharing The Jesus Prayer. When I sat down, I had a woman turn around and hand me her tablet and pen and asked me to write down The Jesus Prayer.

So I thought to myself, I guess I did make some sense. Phewww.

On Friday, I told Bud, "You know I was a little worried that since I had complimented you on your testimony that you gave on Tuesday, then heard you were in the hospital because you weren't feeling well...I was hoping that it wasn't because of our conversation." Hee hee!

He laughed.

I said, "I was praying for you and glad to see you back on Thursday."

He asked, "You prayed for me?"

I said, "Of course. That's what we do here."

Then he said, "You know, when I got to the hospital, I started saying The Jesus Prayer to myself. I repeated it about 10 times and felt myself relax and rest in Him. Then they started running the tests which came back negative and they told me to go home the next day since there was nothing wrong with me."

All the glory goes to God.

Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.

I've linked this post to Walk with Him Wednesday at Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp's blog). When visiting her site, have your speakers turned on to hear the beautiful music while you read her inspirational writings.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She Is a Keeper

I had a lovely conversation with my niece-in-law yesterday.

When the working members of my family got home last night (by the way, I'm the only non-employed in our family) I was telling them how our Wonderful Nephew had picked quite a Wonderful Wife.

Our daughter, Young Sweetie said, "Yes. In fact, if they ever divorce. We'll keep her and kick him out of the family." lol

High praise indeed.

She is a keeper!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Journal Anyone?

I started keeping a journal on October 19, 2010. The first sentence I wrote was, "Some day I'd love to have an online blog."

My thought was that I would journal until then. Little did I realize that my ambition to have a blog "some day" would begin on December 5, 2010.

And I enjoy journaling so much that now I both write in my journal daily and blog whenever I feel the "inspiration" to do so.

My current Hot Pink Journal was purchased at Walmart. I liked it because it doesn't have any dates pre-printed so I can write as much or as as little as I want. It's not even half-way filled with my thoughts, fears, etc. and I also use it for Bible studies because sometimes instead of a workbook we are told to journal.

For Christmas, my lovely friend Terri gave me this Travel Journal. I wish I would have had it before our last vacation (2009) to North Carolina but since Wonderful Husband and I are planning another trip there, I'll be taking this journal to write about our vacation. And all future trips.

I've been meeting my friend Sue for coffe at Starbucks occasionally. During one of our visits, Sue gave me this Paisley Journal as a gift. I love the wild design, colors, and its magnetic closure. It makes me think that she thinks I'm kind of hip. OK. She probably doesn't but it makes me happy! So I'm ready for when my Hot Pink Journal is filled.

As a thank you gift from my Bible Study Buddy Leader, I received this "Jesus Calling, A 365-Day Journaling Devotional." I've heard of Sarah Young before and love what I've seen so far while flipping through some of the pages. I'm saving it until January 1, so my plan is to use it through 2011.

I'm beginning to feel like a journal junkie....

Did you notice that all of them have a ribbon as a bookmark? Is there a law for journals to come equipped with a ribbon?

Do you journal?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Anniversary

Today Wonderful Husband and I have been married for 28 years.

The traditional anniversary gift is an orchid.

I told Wonderful Husband, "Don't buy me one."

He said, "I could buy you a dead one, since that's what it would be in two weeks anyway."

Obviously his sense of humor hasn't diminished over 28 years.

And that's why I call him Mr. Funny Man around the house.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Funny Man! I love you!

Do you think a sense of humor is important in a marriage/relationship?

Our Son's Birthday

Our son is 23 years old today! Happy Birthday "Evil Genius!" We love ya!

He is our first child. Giving birth to him was grueling. 26 hours of labor. (I guess my body didn't know what it was doing the first time around.)

We heard in child birthing class that most first born children wouldn't be arriving on the due date. That would have been fine with us since my due date was also our fifth wedding anniversary. He was born on my due date.

Happy anniversary to us. (For the next many years we celebrated "our anniversary" at Chuck E. Cheese, bowling alleys, etc.) And yet it was ok since those years have flown by and are over. Ha!

Our son is and always has been a kind person. He always communicated with us, didn't gossip about others...just a nice guy.

So imagine my surprise a few years ago when he made a confession to me.

He remembered being so angry with me when he was in elementary school, that to get back at me...are you ready??

He took all his clean socks from his sock drawer, unfolded them, and threw them in his dirty clothes hamper.

So that's when I nicknamed him "Evil Genius!" The satisfaction he must have felt, knowing that I was washing clean laundry! Man, he got me good!

I thank God for our son.

I pray for him daily asking God to protect him, guide him, and grant him wisdom while he looks for a math teaching position. I'm excited to see where he travels in life.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Good Week (Week 6)

This is Week 6 for me and it was a good week. I discovered that I like romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes tossed with a bit of balsamic vinegar dressing and topped off with a scoop of tuna salad. It's filling, palatable, and good for me.

I'm being thoughtful about my food choices. I'm not depriving myself of anything, just living/eating in moderation. Prior planning is crucial and then I'm not obsessing about food all the time. If I eat a lot of carbs during the day, I go low(er) carb for dinner. I'm also on the treadmill 6 days a week, 25 minutes per day, 1.5% incline at 3.1 mph.

I did make a sad discovery this week though. I had a s'more...and hated it! I think if it would have been dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate it would have been tolerable....but it was disgustingly sweet. No more s'mores.

This week I lost 3 lbs. My total weight loss at the end of Week 6 is 5 lbs. I've been yo-yo-ing a lot during this 6 week period, yet am pleased with being 5 lbs. down. I journey with this lifestyle improvement in 10 week increments, so there are 4 weeks to go.

More celebrations are coming up this weekend with our son's birthday and our wedding anniversary.  If I plan ahead, I'll be fine.

I've linked up to Kathy at House of Hills. Please go and visit to see how the other ladies are doing. Join in if you wish. I've found it's easier to be with the group to encourage one another, get good ideas on what works, and to have an accountability group that can keep me motivated during my journey. 

How was your week?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Truth vs. Advertising

FIOS is coming to our neighborhood.

I don't care.

But for those who do care, FIOS is a bundled communications service (internet, telephone, and television) operating over a fiber-optic communications network....blah, blah, blah.

These signs started showing up a couple weeks ago. Can you read the print that tells me that they are upgrading my service from the ground up? (This is not my vehicle in this picture. Although I think it's kinda cool.)

Men dug 5 waist-deep holes in my front yard today. I was exhausted just looking out the window occasionally and watching their progress.

Before they left for the night, they filled in the holes and left this thing sticking up from hole number 5, the wonderful orange cone, and the piece of equipment in front of my neighbor's house.

I'll let you know when there is anything beneficial to note from their "upgrading my service."

So far I don't think the lawn is very happy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Bathroom Scale (WLW Week 5)

Oh scale, it's Wednesday
you frequently are my friend
this week, you are not.

OK, I went a bit crazy this week with something called Fiesta Sunshine Mix. The yummy-crunchy-salty goodness was just too much for me. The ingredients consisted of roasted peanuts, cashews, corn sticks, honey mustard sticks, and pumpkin seeds. Wait a minute. I ate sticks?!?

Maybe I focused too much on the Fiesta in the name.....I was partying eating like there was no tomorrow. And as a matter of fact, I would have posted a picture of the stuff, but there is none left.

Note to self: Do not buy Fiesta Sunshine Mix for a very, very long time. Until I rediscover a little thing called Self-Control.

This week I gained 1.5 lbs. (Picture me shaking my head.) But the good news is that I have forgiven myself and today is a new day and there is no Fiesta Sunshine Mix in the home!

I've linked this post to Kathy's House of Hills, so click over and see how the rest of the ladies are doing.

How did you do this week?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Wonderful Husband and I went to Doylestown's 144th Memorial Day Parade.
(It's said to be the oldest Memorial Day Parade in Pennsylvania.) 

The crowd gathered near the courthouse waiting for the parade to start.

The Honor Guard begins the parade and the crowd applauds.

More applause saying thank you to the Vietnam Veterans.

I love the high school and middle school marching bands!

Thank you to all who served and are serving our country!