Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Son's Birthday

Our son is 23 years old today! Happy Birthday "Evil Genius!" We love ya!

He is our first child. Giving birth to him was grueling. 26 hours of labor. (I guess my body didn't know what it was doing the first time around.)

We heard in child birthing class that most first born children wouldn't be arriving on the due date. That would have been fine with us since my due date was also our fifth wedding anniversary. He was born on my due date.

Happy anniversary to us. (For the next many years we celebrated "our anniversary" at Chuck E. Cheese, bowling alleys, etc.) And yet it was ok since those years have flown by and are over. Ha!

Our son is and always has been a kind person. He always communicated with us, didn't gossip about others...just a nice guy.

So imagine my surprise a few years ago when he made a confession to me.

He remembered being so angry with me when he was in elementary school, that to get back at me...are you ready??

He took all his clean socks from his sock drawer, unfolded them, and threw them in his dirty clothes hamper.

So that's when I nicknamed him "Evil Genius!" The satisfaction he must have felt, knowing that I was washing clean laundry! Man, he got me good!

I thank God for our son.

I pray for him daily asking God to protect him, guide him, and grant him wisdom while he looks for a math teaching position. I'm excited to see where he travels in life.

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  1. I have never heard that story about Jeff! What an evil child! I mean.. genius!


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