Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Bathroom Scale (WLW Week 5)

Oh scale, it's Wednesday
you frequently are my friend
this week, you are not.

OK, I went a bit crazy this week with something called Fiesta Sunshine Mix. The yummy-crunchy-salty goodness was just too much for me. The ingredients consisted of roasted peanuts, cashews, corn sticks, honey mustard sticks, and pumpkin seeds. Wait a minute. I ate sticks?!?

Maybe I focused too much on the Fiesta in the name.....I was partying eating like there was no tomorrow. And as a matter of fact, I would have posted a picture of the stuff, but there is none left.

Note to self: Do not buy Fiesta Sunshine Mix for a very, very long time. Until I rediscover a little thing called Self-Control.

This week I gained 1.5 lbs. (Picture me shaking my head.) But the good news is that I have forgiven myself and today is a new day and there is no Fiesta Sunshine Mix in the home!

I've linked this post to Kathy's House of Hills, so click over and see how the rest of the ladies are doing.

How did you do this week?


  1. The scale has been mean to me, as well. Ian brought me home a chocolate cream pie from this Chestertown pie shoppe that is awesome. I had to eat most of it to show him how much I appreciated his thoughtfulness. I haven't forgiven myself - basking in self loathing. Should I avoid pie or the scale. The latter I think. Have a nice day. MB

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sorry about the whole Fiesta Mix debacle. I'm like that with doughnuts. Cannot have them in my house. CANNOT.

    Blessings, and may God give you a fantastic job!

  3. A chocolate cream pie MB? I just checked to make sure my phone was working and it I wonder why you didn't call? Or I should be thankful! What a good son you have.

    Julie, I haven't had a good doughnut in years. Maybe that is a blessing...hmmmmm. I'm sure God has a plan for my next employment opportunity, and maybe I should have asked for patience during this time too.

  4. Hi Cindy! Nice to see you again! It's hard when we find a food that's so fun, isn't it? But you do need to forgive yourself and move on. We have to allow ourselves a little splurge room every now and then. Especially since you've been doing so great. Now go grab some

  5. Like Simply Mel said ... awesome to forgive yourself & move on:) Seriously - I think that's the first step in a little backsliding not becoming a pattern ... so good for you!!

  6. Fiesta Sunshine Mix - sounds like CRACK! LOL!

    Tomorrow is another day. Now that the MIx is all gone (that used to be my excuse to eat stuff 'till it was gone - so it would be gone), you can move on and munch on something else. Like the celery or perhaps cucumbers?

    Just keep swimming!


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