Sunday, June 20, 2010

Journal Anyone?

I started keeping a journal on October 19, 2010. The first sentence I wrote was, "Some day I'd love to have an online blog."

My thought was that I would journal until then. Little did I realize that my ambition to have a blog "some day" would begin on December 5, 2010.

And I enjoy journaling so much that now I both write in my journal daily and blog whenever I feel the "inspiration" to do so.

My current Hot Pink Journal was purchased at Walmart. I liked it because it doesn't have any dates pre-printed so I can write as much or as as little as I want. It's not even half-way filled with my thoughts, fears, etc. and I also use it for Bible studies because sometimes instead of a workbook we are told to journal.

For Christmas, my lovely friend Terri gave me this Travel Journal. I wish I would have had it before our last vacation (2009) to North Carolina but since Wonderful Husband and I are planning another trip there, I'll be taking this journal to write about our vacation. And all future trips.

I've been meeting my friend Sue for coffe at Starbucks occasionally. During one of our visits, Sue gave me this Paisley Journal as a gift. I love the wild design, colors, and its magnetic closure. It makes me think that she thinks I'm kind of hip. OK. She probably doesn't but it makes me happy! So I'm ready for when my Hot Pink Journal is filled.

As a thank you gift from my Bible Study Buddy Leader, I received this "Jesus Calling, A 365-Day Journaling Devotional." I've heard of Sarah Young before and love what I've seen so far while flipping through some of the pages. I'm saving it until January 1, so my plan is to use it through 2011.

I'm beginning to feel like a journal junkie....

Did you notice that all of them have a ribbon as a bookmark? Is there a law for journals to come equipped with a ribbon?

Do you journal?

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