Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Goodbye Teen Years

There is not a teenager in our home today. There is not a teenager in our family today. Our daughter is 20 years old today!

Happy Birthday Young Sweetie! We love ya!

She is our second child. Giving birth to her was much easier (read, quicker) than the first time giving birth. I guess my body knew what it was doing the second time around.

She was born five days after my due date. (Letting me know that my life was not my own but was now on her schedule!) It was St. Patrick's Day and I think of her as our special Irish gift since my great grandfather immigrated from Ireland with his five brothers many years ago.

Years ago, the preschool children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. There were the usual answers of: policeman, firefighter, teacher, etc. Our daughter's answer was, "I want to be a butterfly and fly next to my mommy's van."

I think her answer is different now. lol

I've always been fascinated with our daughter. She uses both sides of her brain. Her left side using logic and carrying her to amazing academic heights through her public school years. Her right side taking her creatively through art classes, cheerleading, ballet, and then on to color guard in her high school marching band. Watching her gracefully perform made her momma's heart proud.

She's in university now and just finished her spring break at home with us last week. Today she's back in her apartment anticipating a phone call from us singing happy birthday to her.

I thank God for our daughter.
I pray for her daily asking God to protect her, guide her, and grant her wisdom while she finishes this semester.

day you
were born

You are loved.
You are beautiful.
You are Gift of God,
His own possession.
You are Gift to
all mankind,
His Gift of love
to them.
You are His.

by Richard Kramer

Another chapter has come to a close in our lives. We say goodbye to the teen years. Bring on the 20sssssssss!

Have you opened a new chapter in your life?

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  1. aw thank you for the encouraging words! it's been fun growing up and i'm going to keep having fun while doing it!

    thank you for loving me on my schedule for 20 years.


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