Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Years ago, I realized that Wonderful Husband couldn't read my mind and I think he was thankful that I finally came to that conclusion. We successfully navigate through holidays (like Valentine's Day) as well as years of sharing a bathroom, raising children, and have learned to communicate effectively through our life.

I am a low maintenance woman (man is he lucky! Ha!). I don't need a lot of money spent on me or things given to me in order to feel loved or appreciated. I like to think that I have a good sense of humor. I'm able to laugh at myself. I'm not mean-spirited because I don't believe that it's humorous to make a joke at someone else's expense. Our 27 years of marriage have been blessed with more good times than bad.

Yet years ago I remember telling him that I didn't like funny Valentine's cards. I do like to laugh, yet cards making fun of how clean our house is or how bad a driver I am were not hitting my funny bone. I like Valentine's cards to tell me that I am loved and if asked, he'd marry me all over again. We share a good life, not a perfect one.

I also like flowers. Don't get me wrong, roses are not my friends. They die too quickly and most don't bloom...their heads just droop after a few days in my care. (Good thing I had better luck raising our children than I do keeping plants alive!) So Wonderful Husband knows he can buy a loose arrangement of flowers at the grocery store and arrange them in a vase we have at home.

For years I have received a loving card and flowers from Wonderful Husband and I'm never disappointed. In fact, I'm always thankful. I am loved. I am appreciated.

My gift to him is also a card expressing my appreciation and love for his presence in my life. I'll cook a nice dinner and toast some heart-shaped bread to "decorate his plate." The flowers will be on the table and our good life continues.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you have a Valentine's Day tradition?

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  1. Our first Valentine's Day was quite nice. It was also our first trip together. I wrote it about it here.
    I don't remember any others. We haven't really done much or anything about holidays in a long time.
    We used to give each other the same cards year after year. We called it recycling. I've given her Edible Arrangements the last couple of anniversaries, and on Christmas.

    Welcome to blogging. There are a lot of nice people doing it. You'll 'meet' them and make friends in no time.

    I'm grew up near West Middlesex, PA. It' along I-80 by the Ohio line.


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