Monday, February 22, 2010


I ate a grapefruit this morning.

One thing I miss about not working is that at my last job (at a church) the organist would ask if I wanted to buy a case of grapefruit.  (It was actually one case per month so it ended up being three cases.)

Each year I would answer with an enthusiastic, "Yes!"

It wasn't cheap and there would be 15 to 20 grapefruit in each case.  The first case always disappeared quickly.  The second case would last until the third case arrived.  And then I noticed that when I carried the third case into the house, I would be thinking about how many neighbors I could call to ask if they wanted some grapefruit.  I think the last time I carried in the third case, I ended up throwing about half of it away.  Wasteful!

There is truth to the saying about "having too much of a good thing."  By the time the third case arrived, I didn't appreciate the sweet/tart taste at all.  I didn't appreciate grapefruit anymore.  Until the next year.

And that is one reason I left my last job.  Not because of grapefruit (ha!) but because of not being appreciated.  I gave "my all."  They took (even to the point of  reducing my option for benefits and freezing vacation I had earned).  And I left.

It has been two years since I walked away and in that time the church has hired their second parish secretary.  Don't get me wrong, there has been no winner in this situation.  I am now looking for a job in this slow economy without success and today, I'm missing the opportunity to purchase a case of grapefruit.

Are you appreciated at your job?

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