Friday, February 5, 2010

Luke Was Missing!

My friend Terri and I talk every week on the phone. She had emailed me earlier in the week that she purchased a new Bible but had to take it back to the bookstore. She wrote that she'd update me on the story via phone on Thursday.

Terri and I are working through Jennifer Rothschild's study, "Me Myself & Lies...A Thought-Closet Makeover." She wanted to purchase a new Bible so she went to a local bookstore and bought a NIV Study Bible (Large Print Edition).

Pause....I'm thinking that Large Print is in my near future too! Ha!

Anyway, she bought the Bible and a package of Bible Tabs and one night sat down to do the tabs. It takes quite a bit of effort and time to place the tabs and she was working her way through when all of sudden she was ready to place the tab on Luke....and Luke was missing!!!!!

I laughed so hard (and still am) because I'd never heard of a Bible missing about 50 pages before. We started joking about someone at the publishing house not appreciating the book of Luke. Or maybe someone did and decided to take it home?

Of course her story didn't end there. She took the Bible back to the store and since they didn't have another copy, she still doesn't have a Bible. She also had to argue (in a kind, Christian manner) about getting a refund on the tabs since most of them were in the Bible she was returning.

She was in the bookstore for 45 minutes ... and came out with nothing. Except maybe a headache. Ha!

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  1. That's exceptional. At first I thought you meant the Luke tab was missing. I didn't know you meant the entire book!

    LOL'd in class! Shh!


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