Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday I was laughing at the large white dogs in our neighbor's backyard. They were bobbing through their yard and I could only see their heads or curly tails. Two feet of snow had fallen and hadn't begun to compress. They were enjoying their romp.

Today I was in our frontyard. Watching our son use the snowblower. The snow was shooting out in a lovely arc and looked beautiful. I had initially thought I'd shovel our front walkway. Nope, the snow was too deep and too heavy for me. So after our son had finished most of the driveway and walkway, I was in charge of knocking snow off of his car so he could move it back and continue to remove snow from the driveway.

It was quite a workout for me and I did need our son's help to reach the heavy snow located in the middle of the car's roof. (By the way, it's a small car, a Corolla.)

After he finished the driveway I asked him to remove the snow in front of my garage and told him I wasn't able to get a shovel-full and then throw it on top of the deep snow. He kindly understood my request and told me that I was too short and said it shouldn't be allowed to snow that much for a short person like me. Ha! I totally agreed!

Two days in a row the snow made me laugh and provided me with free entertainment. Life is good!

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