Sunday, July 22, 2012

From Thought to Action

I've been thinking about it while listing out the pros and cons.

I've been talking it over with Wonderful Husband and probably making his head hurt.

Today instead of thinking and talking about it....we took action.

We visited a church.

Different from the one where we've been members for 17 years.

We are looking for a new church.

I'll try and explain how I got to (and through?) this place. If Wonderful Husband had his own blog, he'd explain it there himself. And it would probably look totally different.

So please understand this is only my perspective and experience.


I have always said that I was "born and raised Presbyterian."

I have always attended Presbyterian churches and although I did fall away from attending during the end of my teens and into my early twenties, I realized while I was pregnant with our first child that I wanted to raise our children in the church.

Which we did.

Once I joined a church (of my own choosing) as an adult, I served in many capacities.

In Maryland, I taught Sunday School, was an Elder and Clerk of Session, and a Vacation Bible School teacher.

I taught Vacation Bible School at the next church (in Pennsylvania) where we attended for six months.

We moved to another temporary home where we lived for one year and attended a new church where I began a Women's Bible Study group.

Finally, we arrived at our current home/location where we found a church where there were many youth activities available for our two children. I was a Vacation Bible School teacher, a Sunday School Teacher, a Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator, served on the Mission Committee, and developed/coordinated the Alternative Giving Program for three years before turning it over to the next person.

I learned a lot from each serving position.

During this time I also worked at a church (not where I was a member) and resigned after 5.75 years.

I learned a lot from that paid position too.

For five years, I attended Thursday morning Women's Bible Study where my faith matured and I developed deeper relationships with my church community. Or as I call them, my Bible Study buddies.

To be continued....


  1. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. We are going through a church change ourselves. It's been hard, but good. And isn't it just like God, when I was feeling a bit lonely to put someone in my path who may be going through some of the same things I may be feeling. Praying that it all goes well for you!

  2. Terrie, I always appreciate your encouraging words. Praying your journey goes well too. And yes, God places people in our lives just when we need them. Blessings!

  3. Wow, Cindy! Way to leave me hanging!


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