Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 7th of July

It seemed odd this year when July 4th fell on a Wednesday. I worked Monday and Tuesday, came home and thought it was Friday. (My mind is a funny thing.)

We were off from work on Wednesday, yet it was so steamy-hot that we stayed home and watched some fireworks off in the distance from our front door. (I love air conditioning.)

Back to work for Thursday and Friday, and here is a secret that Wonderful Husband told me....he thought Thursday night was Friday night. (Maybe the confused-mind-syndrome is contagious in this house? Ha!)

Although today is Saturday July 7th, we went to my sister-in-law's for a pig roast. It's an annual 4th of July tradition. The high temperature forecast for today was 100 degrees, and the weather forecasters were correct this time. (Boo!)

The pig was 108 lbs. this year.
Big pig.

Hamburgers and hotdogs were available
for those who didn't want pig for dinner.

This was where the lemonade, sodas, water, and
toy trucks were located.

Two tables of side dishes....

Desserts were covered so the little kids
(and adults) wouldn't break them out before dinner.

Although we had thunder and lightening move through our area, the day ended beautifully.

Wonderful Husband, our son, daughter, and son-in-law had tickets to a Phillies night game so they left the festivities early.

That's what happens when July 4th falls on a Wednesday and it isn't celebrated until the 7th.

Did the Wednesday holiday confuse you as much as it confused me?

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  1. It felt like we had two weekends this week! yay! Your pig roast celebration reminds me of the times when we hosted our church for a pig roast on our farm. Those were some good times & great memories! Air Conditioning sounds like a grand idea right now!! HaPpY Sunday!


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