Friday, July 13, 2012

At Eight Months

Our granddaughter (Youngest Sweetie) is eight months old.

She weighs a whopping 17 pounds and is 27.5 inches "tall."

We went in the backyard and I spread a blanket on the grass. We haven't had much rain lately and although the grass is green, the ground is as hard as a rock.

It didn't take her long to pull hands-full of grass and then set off to explore.

Notice how she keeps "her eye on me" to make sure I haven't wandered off.

Her Funcle (Fun Uncle) took this picture.

I love this sweet girl and love being Grandma!

Updated: I had said she was 7 months old....oops....she's 8 months old. I hope they don't make me turn in my grandma card!

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  1. She is precious! And tiny compared to my grandson...24 pounds at 9 mos. for sure..maybe more! They are so much fun! Hoping your have some Blessed Grandma time! :)


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