Monday, February 27, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (601-617)

Continuing my journey of counting toward one thousand gifts...

This week brought Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and a wonderful idea from Karen Ehman. You can read her post here.

In a nutshell, Karen inspired me to write and send a card filled with encouragement every day during Lent. I think it's a wonderful idea. Was it a coincidence or God who had me send a card on Ash Wednesday to Nancy (after I saw and spoke to her on Sunday) and before I read Karen's post? I'm right on schedule with this new way of observing Lent.

#601 - 617 on my list of One Thousand Gifts. I'm thankful for:

601. this season of Lent

602. Karen Ehman and her idea of sending 40 encouraging cards during Lent

603. "winning" cards from (in)courage last month. I have a lot of beautiful, encouraging cards from DaySpring right on hand.

604. twins - Tommy and Jack, born on Friday. Sons of our nephew and niece-in-law.

605. a brief visit to the hospital to congratulate the parents and coo over the sleeping babies

606. our growing family

607. Linda and her birthday celebration at work. (Only 46? Such a youngster!)

608. a new purchase from The Vintage Pearl. "The Messy Nest." Just lovely.

609. noticing after a visit to the dentist and arriving at work....I was wearing 2 different earrings! Have you ever done that?

610. newly cleaned teeth and no cavities. (Hey, I count every cavity-free dental visit as a blessing!)

611. a dark chocolate dipped strawberry from Gertrude Hawke's. Maybe I should have taken a picture, but alas, I ate the evidence! Ha!

612. new black flats to finish off the winter season

613. a soft chair outside the sporting goods store at the mall

614. seeing two teenagers: one wearing lime green tennis shoes, the other in flourescent orange. They made my tired wintery eyes happy!

615. sending a Facebook birthday greeting to our niece Melissa. 36 years old and expecting her third child. (Yup, our family is still growing :)

616. a sermon about Jesus feeding us. (Based on Luke 9:10-17) Amen!

617. Sunday dinner with our daughter and granddaughter. (OK, so the gas grill ran out of fuel. Darn grill. Wonderful Husband brought the flank steak in and broiled it. He is my problem solver!)

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How was your week?


  1. Totally love this - 609. noticing after a visit to the dentist and arriving at work....I was wearing 2 different earrings! Have you ever done that?

    Yep I've done that, as well as different shoes!

    Blessings from 1000 gifts

  2. Thank you Alene! And I've done 2 different shoes as well...walking halfway across a parking lot at a rest stop. Finally looked down and rushed back to find a match to one of my flipflops! Ha!

  3. Yes, I also did the earring thing once and didn't find out until my best friend came on the next shift. Two completely different dangly earrings for all the people to see. I laughed so hard I cried!


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