Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Perfect Day For A Wedding

The weather was unseasonably warmish, sunny, and delightful on Tuesday, February 7th.

A perfect day for a wedding. (But really wouldn't every day be perfect for a wedding?)

Our daughter Young Sweetie married Andy, our son-in-law.

On our way up the courthouse steps, I glanced to our right and saw a wall of glass and a small group of women behind the glass smiling and waving. I waved and then told Young Sweetie, "Look to your right and wave."  She did and their smiles increased while they enthusiastically waved to her.

It was my first time attending a courthouse wedding and the judge who officiated is also a member of our church.

The ceremony was beautiful. Wonderful Husband and I had a few tears...but didn't go into full boo-hoo mode. Phew!

We pray for the newlyweds to keep God first and each other second, and are thankful to be able to witness the beginning of their lives as husband and wife.

A perfect day for a wedding!

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