Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I've written about Valentine's Day before here. What we've learned over the years. OK, I mean me. Things like he can't read my mind, etc.

Wonderful Husband gave me flowers, candy and a card. I must have been very good this year. Ha!

Wait a minute! Can you see the card?

Here it is closer up....

Now don't get me wrong. The sentiment/words are lovely.



On the outside and the inside?


Oh he got me good. Even adding at the bottom of the card "and lots of glitter."

Later he told me he almost chose another card but when he saw the glittered one...he knew that was the one for me!

So let me end with this....


insert evil laugh here

P.S. Since my (adult) kids read my blog, let me state for the record: If you kids read this as a challenge and give me glitter-filled will be grounded. And yes, I realize you don't live under our roof any more. But I am still your mom.

imagine evil glittered mom eye here

So my question is...who invented glitter? The same person who invented high heeled shoes?


  1. I"m cracking up. Great post. But girl -- I love glitter. What's your address? LOL

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I'm glad you are well and happy.


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