Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Struggle Continues

I've written before about my struggle with technology.

The New Year has brought with it a new and interesting struggle:


Wonderful Husband gave me an espresso machine for Christmas. I was really surprised since we had talked about it before the holiday and he went online and discovered that they cost hundreds of dollars.

Enter Mr. Coffee. Not hundreds of dollars and by the way I need to explain that I don't drink espresso in tiny little cups. I use it to make "an iced semi-skinny vanilla latte" from...well, you know like that other place. *wink*

After reading the instruction manual, we successfully made a whopping two ounces of the wonderful elixir. And you know what? My drink wasn't bitter like I get from the other place so it was wonderful in its deliciousness.

The second time I used the espresso machine it wouldn't work. I followed the same step-by-step instructions and turned the knob to brew. Nothing happened. The good news is that Wonderful Husband messed around with it and voila! it worked and gave me two ounces of espresso.

For those who have read about my discovery that by eating less and moving more, I was able to lose weight in 2010 and become more healthy, the sad news is that "my best friend," my treadmill, died at the end of last year. (RIP Tready)

Old Dead Tready

On New Year's Eve, Wonderful Husband, our son "Evil Genius," and I went to the mall to purchase a new tready for me. Our last tready had been loaded up in my van, lugged upstairs by the four of us (daughter Young Sweetie was included), put together and well, you get the picture. It was hard on our bodies and so very good for mine when all was said and done.

The plan this time (since we're all a bit older and wiser) was to have it delivered, pay $10 for the old one to be removed, and the new one would be assembled by "the professionals." Come on, you know you want to pat us on the back at this point. Don't you?

But wait.

Wonderful Husband took off from work and used his one remaining day of vacation from 2010 and volunteered to be at home on January 6th to open the door for my wonderful "new best friend." (Now you know why I use the name Wonderful Husband in my blog.)

I called from my work and was told that they (the professionals) had just arrived so I hung up quickly so he could let them "work their magic."

When I arrived home from work I asked, "Well is my tready ready to go?"

And Wonderful Husband said, "No. Not really."


They lugged out the old tready (best $10 we've ever spent). Struggled up the stairs with the new tready, unpacked it, assembled it, plugged it in.....

and nothing happened.

New Dead Tready

They left the broken tready, and will be coming back this Wednesday, January 12th, to lug out the broken tready, lug up the new tready, unpackage it, assemble it and....hopefully....I will have a "new best friend" this year.

I'm hoping that I don't need to purchase any new appliances ever again for the rest of this year. I don't know if my last good nerve can take it!

Here are my questions for you:
Have you ever struggled with appliances?
Who won?


  1. I see you visit Julie G. so popped over when I saw PA as that's where I'm from. And yes I have struggled with appliances. Hubby here is pretty good at fixing some things but not all. Hope you get your treadmill and are up and walking. ALready did my workout this am.

  2. GE Appliance have often struggled with me and won, that's why I avoid buying anything GE if I can! You don't have to pay $10 to have New Dead Tready removed, do you?

  3. s

    (If you didn't notice, this letter belongs up there after Appliance...which I'm not sure why I capitalized!)


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