Friday, January 7, 2011

Losing It - Contest Edition - Week 8

The Contest Edition of Losing It! has been an awesome experience. It began on November 12 and today is the end. I am so grateful for Kathy at House of Hills who challenged us to lose or at least maintain our weight through the holidays and although I did neither, I believe it helped me not totally pig out and put on a lot of pounds.

Here are my results:

Starting weight: 161.5
Ending weight: 162

Yup, I gained half a pound. Darn!

I was pretty focused throughout the first five weeks....then Christmas Eve through New Year's Day I was eating cookies like there was no tomorrow.

By the way, just to let you know...tomorrow comes. Ha!

Even though I was eating cookies like a crazy woman, I should have practiced a wee bit of self control since my treadmill broke during the same time period and I was not practicing my goal of "eating less and moving more."

The amusing part of this story is that Wonderful Husband and I went out on New Year's Eve and purchased a new treadmill that was going to be delivered on January 6. When we were leaving the store, I told him that the timing was a bit too close to the end of the Losing It! Contest and without missing a beat he said, "Well, you'll just have to come home from work and hop on the tready for a good 5 or 6 hours!"

I laughed and told him that I knew that wouldn't be happening. (You'll have to come back over the weekend to see my next post on my new treadmill. It makes for a good blogging story.)

Please head over to the House of Hills to see how the other Losing It! ladies finished the contest. There are prizes for the first and second place winners and I'm so proud of them all!

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  1. "I was eating cookies like there was no tomorrow..."

    That made me laugh so hard! You are adorable.

    You DID maintain through the holidays. A half a pound doesn't even show up on my scale! I'm proud of you!


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