Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Tradition

This past December was a strange month to experience in our home. It was the first time that neither of our children were around since our son lives in Virginia and our daughter lives in a nearby town.

I was starting my new job on December 1st, so my goal was to have the inside Christmas decorating finished before that day. Score!

I hung our traditional Advent Calendar that we've had for about 20 years. In the past, one kid would take odd numbered days, the other even. Of course the odd numbers were more popular since the baby Jesus was in the 25th pocket.

I bet you didn't think of that. *smile*

This year I was the only one keeping track of the days. I counted down the odd and even days until the "kids" came home for their Christmas break, then I turned the responsibility over to them.

I had ordered The Way of Light Wreath and it arrived a few days in to December. I moved the votive candle each day and really appreciated the workmanship as well as the quiet, and calm new tradition. It made me start thinking that someday my "kids" will begin their own family traditions and I will probably retire the older, more kid-friendly Advent Calendar and carry on with The Way of Light Wreath.

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?

Do have a tradition that might change in the future?


  1. Wow, Very cool! I really like the wreath!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I hope you are having a great day.
    I've never seen a wreath like that before, it is a great design.

    I wish I could think of a Christmas tradition, but we never had one growing-up, and although I really wanted to begin one when
    I got married it just never happened, but it's never too late :o)

    God bless you

  3. We don't really do an advent, but I'd really like to start one in 2011 now that my oldest is big enough to understand how it works and get her younger sister excited about it. I love both of yours!


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