Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Thoughts

For the second time this week, we've had a weather event.

Picnic anyone?

Tuesday morning we woke up to about 4 inches of snow encased in a layer of ice. Wonderful Husband and I geared up and I was naive enough to think it would be easy going like the last fluffy snow where I didn't even break a sweat.


It was
and slippery.

We finished the job though and since the temperature finally rose above freezing, the wetness left on the driveway evaporated while we were at work.

Good job!

Now it's Friday morning.

View from the back of our house.

View from the front of our house.

Another weather event.
4 or 5 inches.
Not fluffy.
Heavy, stick-to-the-shovel-type of work.

I cleared off the front porch and walkway. Wonderful husband shoveled snow from behind my van so he could pull it out of the garage and reach the snowblower.

We've finished the job again but now I'm wondering....

Are we not shoveling properly so God wants us to have more practice in snow removal?

I miss my "kids" being home since they were the best snow shovelers ever!
Which really means that I didn't have to do it. :)

Any snow stories you want to share?


  1. I have a great picture of our three room "kitty condo" nearly snowed in with little kitty tracks going to it. I should put that on my blog, I guess! Anyway, thank you for your comment. It's weird to hear someone call me a blogger! :)

  2. I know snow can be a pain sometimes, but I wish we had out every once in awhile! Stay warm!


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