Friday, October 26, 2012

Words That Bless

Our son (The Teacher) called on Wednesday night and we talked about his job, my job, God, Jesus and life.

He said that he was thankful that his dad and I were his parents. He has compassion for students who have difficult home lives and realizes that we did our best with parenting him and his sister.

I am most grateful that he knows that we weren't and still aren't perfect parents. 

For years I wanted my kids to think of me as perfect, knowing all the answers to life's big and small questions. I could only hold on to that silly dream self-imposed expectation until they hit high school age. Then it was more difficult to hide my flawed, imperfect "human-ness" from them.

We are blessed to have a 25 year old son who appreciates us even though we're not perfect.

And I exhale a happy sigh.

Happy Friday friends!

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