Monday, October 8, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (953-961)

Continuing on my journey toward one thousand gifts.....

I see a tree loaded with leaves of Fall red and other leaves of Summer green.

It's the in-between time when my geraniums survive

and my newly planted yellow mums bloom.

We have weather that dips cold during the night into the 40s and day time temperatures soaring toward 80.

I wear summer capris, sleeveless blouses and flip-flops one day, and corduroy pants, sleeved shirts and enclosed shoes the next day.

It's a confusing time of year in PA.

Is it Summer or Fall?

This past week was mostly gray days with some rain. Very hard on my sun-craving soul.

On Tuesday, Wonderful Husband and I went to a lawyer's office to begin the process of drawing up our Last Will and Testament. Preparing for our future. Yet once we're gone, we have no control and won't care what happens to our stuff.

Maybe the whole "will thing" put me in a sad place emotionally yet I was startled when Maria called on Thursday and after explaining my "blah-ness" she immediately asked if I'd thought about hormone replacement therapy. Ha! (And no, I have not.)

953 - 961 on my list of One Thousand Gifts. I'm thankful for:

953. beginning the Will process

954. Wonderful Husband picking up my free baker's dozen multi-grain bagels. Best. Husband. Ever.

955. seeing a Downy Woodpecker eating bugs off of our front porch. I've never seen any bird like her before!

Picture from Wikipedia.
Female doesn't have red patch on back of head.

956. seeing a blue jay tossing mulch around in our front flower bed

957. seeing a chubby squirrel not in my geranium planters

958. God's creations visible and busy outside my front window

959. Judy's conversation after church on Sunday. She was very kind and introduced herself to us.

960. God's hand in that situation since I had been thinking earlier that day that we hadn't spoken to anyone there yet. His perfect timing again.

961. hard eucharisteo: a swollen jaw began on Saturday. Waiting to see the doctor on Monday. Thankful for medical care nearby.

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May I ask for healing prayers for a jaw that swells during eating? 
Maybe God's way of saying to eat less?
Wonderful Husband laughed when I said maybe it was a hint that I should talk less.

Update: A swollen parotid gland. Taking antibiotics to see if it's an infection.

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  1. Nice list - hope the jaw is better quick!


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