Monday, October 29, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (994-1000)

Continuing my journey toward one thousand gifts....

Our neighbor's tree is once again picking on our little one. I was looking through the window and saw the branch break off.

Hurricane Sandy is still off the coast but we're experiencing the winds and rain.

#994 - 1000 on my list of One Thousand Gifts. I'm thankful for:

994. having advance notice to prepare before Hurricane Sandy comes inland

995. local weather reports

996. Wonderful Husband who is calm

997. Bible Study being canceled this week. Having an extra week to prayerfully and thoughtfully finish the last week of homework.

998. reading What Good is God? In Search of a Faith That Matters by Philip Yancey. My highlighter is working overtime on this book.

999. our granddaughter, Youngest Sweetie, playing the guitar with Grandpop

She thinks Grandpop is a rock star!
 1000. arriving home safely after losing power at work

This post is linked to A Holy Experience: Multitudes on Mondays, One Thousand Gifts.

I'm praying for everyone's safety during the storm.

Please join me.

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  1. Congrats on reaching 1,000! Youngest Sweetie is awesome!!!


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