Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (962-979)

Continuing on my journey toward one thousand gifts....

Last week was a rough week which began with a visit to the doctor and a diagnosis of an infection in my parotid gland, blood taken, antibiotic prescribed, and he used the word "fascinating."

At the end of the week I saw an ENT doctor. Actually he would be called an otolaryngologist. (Now I know why he's called an ENT!) He agreed with the infection diagnosis, told me to finish my meds, and come back only if I got worse.

I think I'm on the mend and tried taking some pictures of my half swollen face. Believe me, there was not good camera angle, so instead....

Youngest Sweetie. 11 months young.

....I took a picture of my granddaughter's cute face. You are welcome! :)

962 - 979 on my list of one thousand gifts. I'm thankful for:

962. an infection free parotid gland

963. the doctors' diagnosis and treatment

964. friends who prayed for my healing

965. God the Healer

966. a save-the-date email for our nephew's wedding in 2013

967. an amazing post at (in) entitled Sandpaper People by Robin Dance

968. signing our Wills and Living Wills

969. our son-in-law coming over for dinner with Youngest Sweetie on Friday

970. visiting our son, The Teacher in VA on Saturday

971. sopapillas at Pancho Villa  in VA

972. our daughter, Young Sweetie visiting on Sunday with Youngest Sweetie

973. taking a walk in our neighborhood with Youngest Sweetie (in her stroller) and Diane

974. ordering Terri's Christmas present and having it delivered to her. (Don't worry. I told her she could open it immediately. I am not mean enough to say....don't open until Christmas day! :)

975. crisp, sunny, Fall mornings in PA

976. Joanne (my hairdresser) who magically makes the gray disappear and is a genius with scissors

977. a new mousepad from Wonderful Husband. (I asked for one, he brought home four. I should have asked for diamonds! Ha!)

978. my Bible Study buddies and shared prayer requests

979. God who listens and loves us all

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How was your week?

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