Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation Recap 2012

Deep Thought: Does having a water feature in a pond encourage cooling thoughts?

New Vocabulary: "The Grand Strand." It was on billboards, mentioned in the news, etc. and I had to look it up on Wikipedia to learn that the term Grand Strand "was coined by The Myrtle Beach Sun columnist Claude Dunnagan in 1949 and 'Strand' itself derives from the German, meaning beach." The primary city in The Grand Strand is Myrtle Beach. South Carolina has approximately 60 miles of beaches.

I Wish I Could Forget: Riding past an accident scene where someone inside the car hit the windshield. Seat belts people! Prayer for the injured person already taken away by ambulance.

At The Beach: Seeing a girl (12ish) running to retrieve her younger sibling. She ran with confidence, and no self-conscious movement. May she always feel secure in her body!

What I Forgot to Pack: Chip clips, my visor, and the power cord for transferring digital pictures from camera to computer. Darn.

Does Anyone Remember?: The show "Room by Room" with Shari Hiller and Matt Fox on HGTV? I caught an episode of their new (to me) show "Around the House" on a South Carolina channel. Love those two!

A Bit Disappointing: A broken dishwasher. The frustrating part was the owner knew it and didn't have it repaired before we arrived for vacation.

Better News: Dishwasher was fixed on Thursday.

Too Much TV thought: We stayed in a lovely gated community. I'm assuming the gates keep bad people out (probably also people who shouldn't use the swimming pool). Does that mean there are no bad people inside the gates? I've watched too many TV shows that start with the line, "It was a quiet, crime-free community....until one day...crime made a visit..." Da, da, dummmmm.....

Longest Running Joke: On our way south and also every time we were looking for a restaurant to eat dinner while on vacation, "Hey Mom/Cindy, there's a Cracker Barrel!" (You see....I don't like Cracker Barrel and they are everywhere!!)

Best Book I Read: Not a Fan. Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus by Kyle Idleman.

Weird Questions: If you live in South Carolina do you go on vacation? If so, where?

Awesome Idea: In North Carolina we stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a. There was a purple sign by the drive-thru that I made sure to read on my way out. It said, "Mom's Valet." Instead of me explaining it, I thought I'd give you a link that's kind of cute and is 4+ minutes long:  AWESOME idea for anyone with small kids and no energy or patience to stand in line to order and keep the kids occupied/out of trouble. Way to go Chick-fil-a! I wish Mom's Valet was around when my kids were young!

Have you been to South Carolina?

If not, where do you go for vacation?


  1. Sound like an enjoyable vacation! In answer to your question,I lived in Fl for 10 years and found we went on vacation way less cause it was so nice there anyways.Planning a move to PA will make us want to vacation again!

    1. Oh Terri! I've been wondering about your possible move to PA and am soooo looking forward to an update on your blog about life.


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