Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (781-796)

Continuing on my journey toward one thousand gifts....

Wonderful Husband and I took a road trip to Maryland this past weekend for a wedding. We left Friday night after work and encountered storms along the way. Some of the rains were heavy and the windshield wipers couldn't keep up with the rain. That was when Wonderful Husband was driving and I was praying. We made it safely to the hotel, still tense but were able to relax once we checked in, brought our luggage to our room, and had a drink in the hotel bar.

Wonder of all wonders, when we woke up on Saturday (the day of the wedding) the sky was blue, the sun was bright, humidity low, windy yet sunny and in the 70s.

I saw my friend Terri (mother of the groom) minutes before the wedding and just have to say, her dress was magical. I thought it was a beautiful purple and minutes later as she was escorted down the aisle....it was a lovely blue. She was glamorous!

Of course the bride and groom were beautiful and handsome and the ceremony just perfect.

Our beautiful table at the reception:

Funny moments:
Stepping on the hotel elevator to leave for the reception with two people and their dog Poopsie. (Name not changed to protect the innocent guilty.) After Poopsie licks my toes and leg, her owner tells me that she is friendly and that's her way of getting to know people. (Two thoughts: I wish Poopsie didn't want to make my acquaintance and Poopsie was not my favorite animal at that moment.) The upside: I'm glad Poopsie wasn't a biter!

A couple floors down, the elevator opens and the parents of the bride enter. I said, "You must be the parents of the bride." The mom says, "How did you know?" I thought about saying I was psychic but instead was truthful, "I was at the wedding." Too funny.

#781 - 796 on my list of One Thousand Gifts. I'm thankful for:

781. safe travel through torrential Maryland rain

782. Wonderful Husband's calm driving skills

783. God's protection

784. celebrating Pat and Megan's wedding

785. Terri and her magical dress

786. sitting with Denise and her family at the reception

787. a room filled with happy people celebrating a new marriage

788. sweet wedding favors: chocolate dipped pretzels! Really creative and yummy.

789. watching Orioles flying around the hotel

790. never seeing Poopsie again

791. Wonderful Husband playing his guitar. Our granddaughter watches him like he's a rock star!

792. a gift card to Berean Christian Bookstore...$30 never sailed through my fingers so quickly

793. hard eucharisteo: our local Genuardi's grocery store closing down, to be replaced with a Weis'? Change from the familiar yet I'm hoping to see familiar faces when the store re-opens

794. bi-planes flying side-by-side overhead

795. our son getting his Virginia driver's license. Yippee!

796. finding Wordle and still trying to figure it out

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Have you been to a wedding lately or pray while your husband drives through storms?


  1. stopping by from Ann’s...getting ready to go to a wedding this weekend...I love those pretzel gifts...so cute...blessings to you~

    1. I hope you enjoy the wedding this weekend! Such a happy time to see the beginning of their journey.

  2. Super list of thanks! :) My boys wedding is only 32 days away!!! Gasp.

    1. Oh! Your a mother of the groom? Breathe deeply and enjoy!

  3. I would not have liked Poopsie either.

    I was just reminiscing with my husband the other day about how petrified I used to be when we first got married and would travel at night through deer/elk-infested territory. I thought everything looked like a deer ready to commit suicide. I'd scream out "DEER!" too often and my husband stopped braking because he didn't believe me anymore. Finally, I took up praying instead and stopped crying "deer" unless I was sure they were real and not just a figment of my frightened imagination!

    1. Oh Amelia...you had me laughing just thinking of you yelling out "DEER!" Glad you started praying and only yelling if you saw one. I'm sure your husband appreciated that too :)

  4. I love those pretzel wedding favors... how fun! Thank you for your comment on my blog where I've started counting my blessings along with Ann V. You became #207 on my list! :)

    1. And your name is Ann! That is very kind of you to list me as one of your blessings. Thank you!

  5. Getting ready for 2 weddings this summer...can't wait!
    Helped to make the wedding invitations for one of them today!
    Pretzel wedding favors...adorable!
    And I just read Amelia's comment...I thought she was talking about me!
    My husband still jumps & brakes...thank goodness...because we are surrounded by deer in our neighborhood...and turkeys! :)
    So thankful for God's protection as you traveled!


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