Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lack of Words

It strikes me as funny that after we return from a wonderful week of vacation in South Carolina, I have one simple thing I must do on Sunday, and I can't do it.

I find a nice card from my stationery collection and I have no grateful words to weave together in a note while returning the key to the condo owner.

My thoughts ramble around in my head while I think, "Is there a nice way to suggest that in the future they send two keys?" Because really there were only three adults there but if Wonderful Husband and The Teacher went to play golf what if I wanted to go to the pool or something? I would need the key to lock the place up.

And if you advertise that it rents to up to 8.....one key would be a disaster.


What kind of thank you note would that be to include "constructive criticism?"

And by the way, they still have our deposit.

Do not criticize.


The dishwasher didn't work until the repairman came to fix it on Thursday. We rented the place from Saturday to Saturday. Once again, there were only three of us. We ate simple breakfasts and lunches and usually went out for dinner. No big deal, yet I have to admit that around Tuesday I thought that if someone else was in charge of washing dishes, they would have "felt my pain." (Or should I say adopted my bad-ish attitude.)

Stop me now!

So instead of writing the note and inserting the key on Sunday and mailing it off on Monday: I went to work for eight hours, visited my hairdresser and got my hair colored and cut (it had been 10 weeks since my last appointment!), and came home to write the note on Monday night.

I write the note telling them I'm glad we rented their condo for our vacation. The fellas played golf to their hearts' content. We swam in the pool, went to Garden City Beach (a mere 10 minute drive, and can I begin to tell you that Wonderful Husband found FREE parking and was in his element), and had the best pizza we've had in years at Milardo's Pizzeria and Sports Pub.

View of the pool from the condo

Garden City Beach
The woman is on a surfboard with a oar or a long paddle?
This reminded me of Hawaii. They have great skills there!

Awesome pizza!

I enclosed the key....and now wait for our deposit to be returned.

I didn't really have a lack of words.

I just had to readjust my thinking and writing toward kind and thankful words because we really did have a delightful vacation

I guess I just have "a bit of a problem" with transitioning from vacation back to reality.

Do you struggle with transitioning back from vacation?

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  1. I think I'm struggling because it's been so long since our last vacation! LOL!! You did the right thing...now, next time you & I will probably ask how many keys that we can get for our rentals. Last year we had one key for 5 adults. Thank you for your kind words and prayers! They are much appreciated! Hugs!!


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