Friday, March 23, 2012

An Empty Nest

Our daughter is moving has moved into her first home with her husband and daughter. They are starting with bare essentials and although we've been storing a hand-me-down sofa from one of my co-workers in our basement,  she decided that she wanted the two dressers from her old bedroom too.

Who knew that an empty nest means that it's not only "kids" moving out....but furniture too?

The words "Empty Nest" take on a whole new meaning!

(This Public Service Announcement is for future Empty Nesters.
You'll thank me one day :)

Is an empty nest in your future or are you living it now?


  1. Not a total empty nest yet, but my 21 yr. old will be moving out soon - getting married in July. My almost 20 yr. old is thinking Bible college for this fall...Going to be weird with only 3 boys left in the house!

    Hugs for you! I remember how it felt when my two oldest moved out!

  2. No, not yet...but I did just take the baby tub, swing, and cradle to my little sister since we think this is our last baby and he has outgrown them.

    I know I'll be in your situation very soon though, the way time is flying!


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