Friday, March 30, 2012

A Balloon Mystery

I took a day off from work last Friday. I jammed-packed it full of morning activities, the only time-sensitive commitment was breakfast at 8:30.

I pulled away from our driveway at 7:58 and went to CVS and Giant before breakfast at Perkins with Charlotte and Kaye. A Belguim waffle and an hour and a half later, I went to Poor Richards (interesting shop where I found an outdoor Easter flag), picked up a loaf of sourdough bread at a bakery, a few groceries at Genuardis and then home to get the ice cream in the freezer.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled into our driveway and tied to our mailbox are two balloons.

One looks like a basketball, the other is a blue star.

Am I a basketball star and no one told me?

I don't think so!

I ran inside with my purchases and zoomed off again to Geerlings (a local nursery to purchase a gift card for a co-worker who's birthday was coming up) and then the last stop was None Such Farm.

Once again pulling into the driveway, I wonder about the balloons.

I check the mailbox to see if there is a card from the balloon bandit fairy.


I check the front door.

No card or note.

I checked our home phone and my cell phone for messages.


I decided to take a picture (for evidence) since Wonderful Husband was gone for a weekend golf trip and....

cue spooky music

....the balloons were gone!

Well, sort of.

They were actually tangled in our neighbors' tree!

Exhibit A

They can thank me later, but probably won't since the balloons are pretty high up in their tree, and even with my "mad" basketball skills, I can't reach them. Ha!

My conclusion?

If you tie balloons on a mailbox, tie them on securely.

I am a share-er. (Passing on my balloon gift to our neighbors :)

Thank you balloon bandit, you made me smile.

And lastly,

the balloon mystery continues...

Have you ever received a surprise gift that makes absolutely no sense?


  1. Well there was that one time in junior high when the boy I thought hated my guts gave me a teddy bear wearing a necklace (for me) with accompanying card and hand-written poem...

    But that's another story!

    1. Ah yes. Young and confusing love! Ha!

  2. That is so weird. I can't wait to hear if you ever find out who left them. The choice of the balloons is kinda odd, but still a sweet surprise!


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