Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are Wild Animals Crazy?

I live in a suburban neighborhood about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia. We are fortunate because our neighborhood has open grassy fields and green, leafy, mature trees surrounding it and you would think that the wild animals would have plenty of "real estate" to build their homes and just have to battle each other for survival instead of our suburban lawnmowers, sprinklers, and cars pulling in and out of driveways.

Our backyard neighbors have a vegetable garden on both sides of their deck. They built a framed fence structure that has chicken wire to keep out pesky animals. They are growing corn, tomatoes, zucchini, and tons of other stuff that I have no clue about since I'm not Mrs. Kravitz. (Remember her from "Bewitched"?)

Our neighbors also have two large white dogs that roam their fenced in backyard and no one walks by their house or in front of ours without the dogs sounding barking the alarm. I love the dogs since they are free entertainment for me. (All fun and no responsiblity.)

The other night Wonderful Husband and I visited with our neighbors through their wrought iron fence and heard that a rabbit had been building a nest in their fenced-in garden. The rabbit was spotted with a large amount of grass sticking out from her mouth since she wanted to line the hole she'd dug near one of their zucchini plants.

And the first thing that popped out of my mouth was, "How crazy is that? With all the open fields around here, the mother decides to have her bunnies in your garden where you have two enormous dogs patrolling your property?"

My neighbor pointed out that the dogs would have "busted through the fencing" to get at the mother rabbit once they discovered her too.

I started thinking about Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor's garden. Remember his adventures?

Yet maybe the mother rabbit was crazy smart trying to build her nest in a fenced-in area with free "groceries" readily available.

Hmmmmm....what do you think? 

Crazy or crazy smart?

Photo credit to our daughter (Young Sweetie) who took this picture with her cell phone.
Thank you Young Sweetie!

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  1. Smart bunny posing for a picture for me :) and being on the other side of the fence from our pups!


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