Friday, February 4, 2011

A Long Winter

The electricity went out at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Everything outside was encased in ice. Tree limbs down? Car accident? I don't know. The complete silence was awesome and eery.

From outside, I heard occasional popping. Ice was falling off tree limbs that were bent low. A neighbor's tree lost two large limbs that broke off and were lying across the ice encased snow.

I looked at the limbs on trees, bent heavy with their burden of ice and compared them to the heaviness of my spirit during this long winter of ice storms after snow storms.

It reminded me of 15 years ago moving into this house during a drought. So many weeks of no measurable rain and unbearable heat. Feeling my skin (my soul) shrivel from lack of moisture. Finally rain came. Refreshment. The grass survived and greened again. My skin and soul were refreshed and even my lungs felt moistened. I was thankful for the rain.

Today I'm thankful for days having more light. Darkness is shortened bit by bit. Ice crackling off limbs, trees losing their burden. Temperature above freezing. Snow melting. Puddles on roads. Liquid moisture again.

I am still striving to hand over my heavy ice encased burdens to God who is strong enough to carry them.

Thankful for Him and His continuous grace that saturates my soul with hope during shriveling drought and numbing winter seasons of life.

Thankful for a journal received as a gift from Sue and although there was no electric power; pen and paper and natural light worked well to record thoughts to be blogged later.

How has your winter been? This morning's temperature is 10 degrees....


  1. This is lovely. This has been one of those winters for me. In those still moments, sometimes I can hear Him silently remind me, "Be still, and know that I am God."

  2. The ice is so beautiful, yet destructive. I would have loved the snow to have reached us, but I know those that have had it for so long are tired of it. Stay safe and stay warm! May Spring blessings come soon for you! :)


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