Friday, February 25, 2011

Maybe The Best Post Ever

I've written about the rough winter weather we've had in PA this year. Lots of snow, shoveling, Wonderful Husband using the snowblower...well, you get the picture.

I've also written about coming home from work and seeing that our mailbox had been knocked into the middle of our front yard. I don't know if it was hit by the snowplow or if the heavy snow smacked it hard enough to break the post but after 15 years, the wooden post finally "bit the dust."

Wonderful Husband knew he couldn't dig out the old post and install a new one since the ground was frozen solid with all the below 30 degree temps we'd had, so he did a temporary fix of bolting the broken post and of course more snow fell and the post was fully encased in snow for a couple weeks.

We experienced a slow thaw and were watching the mailbox lean more and more while the snow melted around it. And then the expected happened. We had strong, wind gusts for about 24 hours and when I looked out Saturday morning, this is what I saw:

So I told Wonderful Husband the news and then I left to meet a friend for breakfast. (That's how I roll. Give an update and off I go. Ha!)

When I came home I noticed our neighbor's mailbox had taken a tumble too. Here's the evidence:

No. I didn't go over to tell my neighbors. I don't like being the Bearer of Bad Tidings. :)

Darn wind.

So the reason the name of this post is "Maybe The Best Post Ever"? Keep looking:

Ta da! A post! So pretty! So strong! So hopeful that it will last 15 years like the last one!

And just so you don't think that Wonderful Husband stopped the job there:

Way to go Wonderful Husband! A job well done!

Bring on the mail!
Bring on Spring!
We're ready!

How did your outdoor stuff survive your winter weather?

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