Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Last night was my last Mission Committee meeting. I have served on the committee for three years and am anticipating the group carrying forward and improving upon the foundation that we three outgoing members are leaving behind.

I  procrastinated finishing my notes from the Alternative Giving event that runs during Advent. I also needed to finish organizing the binder which has copies of minutes.

Two weeks ago, I finished all the work and turned the information over last night. I had to laugh that my replacement has not come forward, and that their first piece of business in June will be to have someone volunteer for the job. (Although it's called "taking minutes," it really takes hours to take notes during the meeting, type them up, email them out to the committee members for corrections/approval, then on to the church office for distribution before the Session meets a week or so later.)

Serving on the Mission Committee has been a wonderful and educational experience for me. I've learned of my pastor's/church's dedication to supporting local, national, and international missions by donating 12-17% of incoming monies. A percentage that is set at the beginning of each calendar year. It has a biblical/first fruits feel to the commitment and I believe it makes God smile.

My last responsibility is to type up last night's minutes, have them approved by the committee via email, and send them off to the church for distribution to the Session.

Mission Accomplished.

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