Saturday, May 8, 2010


Have you ever had a walking washing machine? Well, I do.

On some laundry loads, it doesn't walk. On most laundry loads though, it will either walk to the right and butt up against the laundry sink (which is attached to the wall) or it will walk backwards toward the wall and toward all the hoses, plug, etc.

It walks while on the spin cycle which happens twice per load. Sometimes it stays still for the first spin cycle, then walks through the second. Sometimes it stays still for the second spin cycle, after walking during the first. Then sometimes it will walk during both spin cycles.

Oh joy.

Which brings me to what I was thinking about today while holding on to my washing machine during a spin cycle. (Were you wondering when I might get around to it? lol)

My dislike of the word "balance."

Besides the obvious wish that my washing machine could keep its balance, I've never bought into the thought that I can lead "a balanced life."

Years ago, when I was working (and my kids were in elementary school) I worked part time. My day began getting them on the bus for school, chores before leaving to work from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Rush home before they got off the bus, oversee homework, prepare dinner, clean up, get them settled for the night, then start all over again the next day.


Then when my kids were in high school. They'd catch the bus, I'd go to work, they'd get home before me. I would walk in and my son would ask, "What's for dinner?" (I gave him a rule that when I walk in the door from work, don't ask what's for dinner before greeting me and asking me how my day was...or else.)

Years ago (while living in Texas) I heard Mary Kay Ash's slogan for the first time, "God first, family second, career third." By modeling their lives with this slogan, women in her company (Mary Kay Cosmetics) could keep their lives in balance.

Really? Am I the only woman that while I was at work, I worried about my kids or what needed to get done at home? While at home, I worried about work?

What kind of balance is that? Not much, in my case. My heart and mind were anxiously thinking about the other place where I wasn't physically located at that moment.

I agree with Mary Kay's slogan, "God first, family second (husband, then children), and career third." Yet some days I am more like a juggler than a person gracefully balanced on a high wire.

I won't put pressure on myself trying to attain a balanced life. Because life and responsibilities change constantly, and being a juggler is a more realistic goal.

Do you hope for or live a balanced life?

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    I wanted to take a moment to tell you how moved I was by your comment on my blog! I think I basked in the glow of it for hours and even into today.
    I am humbled that what I write has been so inspiring for you. I often think that God just wired me and I do my best to keep showing up for his game plan.
    Thank you, Cindy for your support. In my days when I write and wonder, "Oh, brother, does this even matter?" Comments like yours keep me dedicated.


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