Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebration (& WLW Week 2)

This past Monday was my 49th birthday and because of my scheduled meeting on Monday night it turned into a three day celebration. It began with an early dinner at Outback on Saturday. (Since Sunday was Mother's Day we wanted to avoid huge crowds.) My birthday dinner was delicioussssss!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I received my red geraniums that I put in planters on both sides of my front door. It's the official date that annuals can be planted in our area without worry (supposedly) of a freeze in the future. We did have a cold front come through I think from our "friendly neighbors to the north" (Canada) and were warned of the possibility of a frost. Mother used to be our friend! The geraniums survived. Or else they froze and still look good. No, I think they survived.

Monday was quiet. Once everyone arrived home, dinner was put on the table and I received my birthday gifts. The book, "The Blind Side." (Loved the movie and am looking forward to reading the book.) And Wonderful Husband gave me a digital camera. I opened it and said, "Yes! Now I can put pictures on my blog!" He looked at me and said, "That's why you wanted a camera?" and then he started laughing!

Hey it could happen!

Then I ran out the door to my meeting.

So get ready world. I'm thinking about snapping pictures occasionally and will be posting them on this blog.

And my Weight Loss Wednesdays Week 2 update is something that I've learned from celebrating myself for three days in a row. I gave myself license to celebrate ALL the days of the week and gained .5 lbs. Time for me to re-focus on healthy food choices and more water.

Starting. Right. Now.

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  1. Happy late birthday. Don't beat yourself up over gaining a little weight -- it's probably just water. :)


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