Monday, June 27, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (241-248)

I have been reading A Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp's blog) for over a year. Every Monday Ann adds to her list of One Thousand Gifts and today I'm adding to my list too.

#241 - #248 on my list of One Thousand Gifts. I'm thankful for:

241. celebrating Pentecost - the gift of the Holy Spirit

242. 11 yards of new mulch covering the flower beds and surrounding the trees

243. God helping me to forgive another in my heart. A miracle in that it didn't take me a week, a month, or a year. I prayed. I forgave. Thank you Lord!

I said, 'Plant the good seeds of righteousness,
and you will harvest a crop of love.
Plow up the hard grounds of your hearts,
for now is the time to seek the Lord,
that he may come
and shower righteousness upon you.'
Hosea 10:12 (NLT).
(underlined emphasis mine)

244. Shauna Niequist's book Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace and Learning the Hard Way

245. the delivery of three new books from Amazon. Written words feed my soul.

246. the beauty of sunlight shining through stained glass windows at our church. The refracting colors on the white walls make me happy.

Refraction (noun) - Physics - the change of direction (in this case) of a ray of light in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which its wave velocity is different. (Vocabulary class is over! lol)

247. attending a family high school and college graduation party. Celebrating the end of one type of education and celebrating the next step in education, whether at college or at life. Cheers!

248. daylilies! I love that they are no-muss, no-fuss perennials!

Turn on your speakers.
Read, enjoy, and thank God for His blessings.

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