Friday, June 24, 2011

Having A Baby

Our daughter is having a baby. She went to her ultrasound appointment thinking that she would find out if she was having a boy or a girl. The technician told her that the baby was in the worst possible position to determine the gender....tushy down and curled up in a ball.

I am sorry she was disappointed yet I had to laugh since this is only the first of many times that the child will not cooperate with her wishes. Darn kids! Ha!

Oh and while I've always tried to be careful about how much of my adult kids' lives I share....let me say that it will be "open season" on the grandkid.

Grandma is counting down to November Sweet Baby and I am limbering up my fingers in anticipation for some great blogging material!

No pressure. :)

Update: Our daughter had another ultrasound and found out she is having a girl!


  1. Hi Cindy, I'm not sure how I first found your blog, but I just love your posts. I know the first ones I read were related to 1000 gifts. In reading your 'about me', we have so much in common. And now this! Our daughter is expecting our 1st grandbaby in October! I'm sure my friends will be tired of hearing about my grandchild...LOL! Congratulations to your family! Won't it be fun to watch our kids enjoy this new 'ride' of life! :)

  2. Correction. Peanut will always cooperate with mommy.

  3. Yahoo! You are going to have so much fun. And let me just say that I have a lot of ultrasound pictures & the one you posted here is that your grandbaby?


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