Friday, April 1, 2011

This is My Life

We hired a painter to come and paint all the ceiling surfaces in our home. He did a walk-thru last week, we talked high ceilings, nail pops that need repair, white flat paint, and later that night he called with the price and said, "plus the cost of the paint."

OK. The deal was struck and I've been looking forward to his arrival for a week.

He showed up Thursday and began unloading his various ladders and drop cloths. His plan was to work until noon so after introducing him to our daughter, I left for work.

My commute is 20 minutes and half way there my cell phone starts ringing. It's our daughter and she says, "Mom, he wants to know where you put the paint."


I told her to hand him the phone and said, "I don't have any paint. When you said the price plus the cost of the paint, I assumed that you would buy the paint and I would reimburse you for it."


Now the plan is for the painter to show up on Friday.

With paint.

Yes. This is my life.

It seems that I live it so that others can learn from it.

Here is the lesson: Don't assume a painter will arrive with paint.

I know I won't.

Oh and by the way, should I assume he's a bit passive-aggressive?

I arrived home and this is what greeted me in my foyer.

How far does it go up you ask?

And is it a coincidence that he left it in front of the half bathroom? I think not.

Good thing I am not superstitious, because if I were I would predict that I will have a lot of bad luck in my future!

Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying. Will you join me?


  1. That is too funny!! How could you possibly assume the painter would show up with paint? I mean, that's like a carpenter showing up with lumber or something!!!

  2. Is it evil that I am amused? :)

  3. No, not hindsight it is amusing :)


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