Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Worship Experience

I have always said that I "was born and raised Presbyterian."

I'm comfortable attending a traditional Presbyterian worship service and so when Paula asked me go to a contemporary worship service this past Sunday, the first thought that popped into my head was to say no thank you.

The second thought that popped into my head was why not? So I said yes and went to a church that I drive past at least every six months since it's on my way to my dentist's office.

Four of us met at a church that doesn't have the word church in it's name. (That's another topic for another time for me.)

On my way in I was warmly greeted by the man at the front door with a handshake, handed a bulletin and was told, "God's blessings to you." He also complimented my on my jacket (extra points for him!)

Before entering the sanctuary, Paula said that they were having prayer inside so I'd need to be quiet. I laughed and told her that I would have been able to "read the signals," and also know how to act in public. Funny!

When we opened the door to enter..the worship band was in full swing and the next 30  minutes we spent standing and singing praise music, reading the words off the drop down media screen. No need for me to be quiet and what a difference from a pipe organ and the occasional orchestra at my usual church.

We sat and heard the announcements, saw a video presentation set to music honoring veterans and active military because Veterans' Day is this Thursday.

The pastor's sermon "Understanding Kingdom Authority" was inspiring. His Bible preaching was really good. I took notes and when he finished, he closed in prayer and the service was over.

There was a man standing inside the doorway with a purple velvet pouch and I didn't realize that was for the offering until I had walked out of the sanctuary. (Why didn't Paula tell me that? lol)

I really enjoyed this new worship experience

Have you ever experienced a different worship service?

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