Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better Vision

I went for an eye appointment a couple weeks ago and imagine my non-surprise when I was told that I needed a new prescription for my glasses.

When I was asked if I was having trouble reading or with distance....I just answered Yes and Yes.

So the exciting news (to me) is that I also ordered new frames.

Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture:

Watch out world! I can see you now!

P.S. Getting older just keeps getting better and better.


  1. I love the new frames! Very stylish!! :)


  2. Hi Cindy,
    I really like your glasses, and I like how you did the before and after picture. You look great!

    God bless,
    Michele Katherine

  3. I need glasses SO bad! I swear the second I turned 40, everything went downhill physically! LOL I could barely read the text on a box I was cooking with this morning!

    You look great in the glasses! You have now motivated me to 1) get glasses and 2) get back to losing weight! :)

  4. Love your new frames! One of the things on my new years list is to get a good eye exam and you've inspired me to do just that!!



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