Monday, November 8, 2010

Commitment Sunday

Yesterday was Commitment Sunday at our church. A few years ago this new tradition was instituted and I have attended that service only once. It's been going on for at least 5 years, I'm guessing.

During the service, the pastor and associate pastor stood at the front of our large church with large baskets and we walked up in an "orderly fashion" to place our pledge for the upcoming year into the basket. (Orderly fashion is defined by row-by-row people walking up the center aisle, then walking to the outside aisle to re-enter the pew. We are an orderly people. Hee hee!)

The following year when I read "Commitment Sunday" again, I felt of twinge of discomfort. It took me a while to determine why I was feeling that way and I think the easiest way to explain is:

1) It feels like a pride thing to me. "Look at me walking up to put my pledge in a basket! I'm such a good giver!"

2) I think about a first time visitor. Is this a confusing part of the service for them? Do they feel excluded with people stepping over them to get to the center aisle?

My pledge is between me and God for the benefit of His Church.

I don't attend my church on Commitment Sunday. I mail in my pledge.

Please don't misunderstand me. This is how Commitment Sunday makes me feel and for those who don't feel this way, they are the fortunate ones. And I kind of wish I were one of them. 

Last week Paula called and left a message saying that she wanted a prayer added to our Bible Study Prayer List. She also mentioned that she hadn't seen me in church the previous Sunday and hoped everything was well. I called her back and told her that we hadn't been in church because we were visiting our son in Virginia and then felt the need to give her a "heads up" that we wouldn't be there on Commitment Sunday either. (I didn't want her to worry about me again.)

Paula called on Saturday night and invited me to attend a different church on Sunday with her, Laurie, and Charlotte. It's a more contemporary service than what we have at our church. I agreed to go and that's what my next blog post will be about.... Stay tuned.

Do you have a "Commitment Sunday" tradition where you worship?

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