Friday, October 15, 2010

Losing It - Week 34

This past week my usually focused and organized world was changed up a bit. Wonderful Husband and I started sanding and prepping the front porch. We worked on the porch on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning I went out and wiped it all down with a 1 part bleach/3 part water mixture and then (lucky for me) our daughter, Young Sweetie was home for "Fall Break." She wiped off all the sponge remnants and then assisted me with painting the exposed wood with primer. (I thanked her profusely since I knew it wasn't much of a break for her on that day.)

On Wednesday, I finished the bleach/water wipe down on the lowest part of the porch and painted it with primer. Finished it in 3.5 hours and thought I'd never be able to stand up straight again. Yet I could!

Here is a picture update so far.

We are waiting for Thursday and Friday rains to blow through and Wonderful Husband and I will (hopefully) finish painting on Saturday and Sunday.

Then our next step is to seal the floor of the porch. We're under a time constraint between weather, visiting our son in VA at the end of the month, and of course the bazillion trick-or-treaters that will coming with hopes of treats (not tricks).

Here is my Losing It! update for last week:

Eating - Not so great since I was too beat to cook I had unusual unhealthy meals including: a cheese steak hoagie, a slice of chicken-bacon-ranch-pizza.

Tready - didn't step on her for 3 of my porch work days. My body was one big ache from bending/hunching over. So 4 days of tready this week.

Did sit-ups and worked on my arms with 7 lb. weights.

Increased my water intake but didn't hit the 64 oz. per day goal. Going to try and get back into this habit this upcoming week!

Lost .5 lb. this week.

I do want to say that while working on the front porch I was continually thanking God for giving me a body that could move, bend, hunch over, and scrape along the bushes that sometimes were a little mean to me! (It  helps me to focus on blessings while doing work I don't like very much.)

I've linked this post to Kathy at House of Hills. Please stop by and see how the other ladies are doing. Join in if you have your own weight challenge. The accountability factor is great and we encourage each other toward success one week at a time.


  1. Yay eating trash and losing weight! Great job on the front porch! Mother/daughter bonding time haha!

  2. Good job this week on balancing! You didn't eat well, but still lost! Woot, woot!

  3. Congrats on the accomplished work and weight drop. The porch looks beautiful!


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