Monday, September 6, 2010

Move In Day

It's been two weeks since our son started his career as a teacher. He's been living in a hotel for those two weeks while waiting to be able to move into his apartment.

Friday he picked up his keys.

On Saturday, Wonderful Husband, our daughter and I left Pennsylvania at 6:30 a.m. with two vans packed and drove to Virginia. We arrived at our son's/her brother's new home and with his help, unloaded everything up to his THIRD FLOOR apartment. His bed, dresser, desk, clothes, boxes of books and DVDs.

We went to lunch. Went shopping. Unloaded his purchases (dishes, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, you know just stuff).

We went to dinner. Went shopping. Unloaded his purchases and although he doesn't own a couch or  a chair yet...he has his priorities straight (for being a guy and all that).

His necessary purchase:

A 46" flat-screen TV and a TV stand!

As far as he's concerned, his first solo home is as good as gold!

Rock on Mr. Teacher!

Do you remember your first home?


  1. *** tv stand that his super loving sister put together (several times because she lacks the ability to follow directions)

    just a minor correction! haha. had a great time with all of you this weekend.

  2. Oh Young Sweetie, it was a great road trip! Mission Accomplished!


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