Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calabash Golf

We traveled from Virginia and arrived at the condo in Calabash, NC in 6 hours. Carried the luggage up to the second floor and discovered that we had a great view of the 9th hole green outside our back deck. Lovely! Free entertainment!

I learned something new the next morning about the golf world. Early in the morning a greenskeeper came and was mowing and flattening the green around the hole. He then stepped off his mower/flattener and removed the flag and plastic hole cup, walked over to another part of the green he'd already flattened and with a medium-sized post hole digger, took out a plug from the new area, inserted the plastic cup (stepping on it firmly), then inserted the flag.

With the plug of dirt he still had in his post hole digger, he walked over and placed it where the cup used to be, stepped on it and got back on his mower/flattener to finish driving over it and the rest of the green.

I asked Wonderful Husband why they moved the holes and he explained that it was so that one part of the green wouldn't get worn out from the constant traffic. It made sense to me and I couldn't believe that after knowing golfers (my father and Wonderful Husband) for so many years, I never knew they moved the holes!

Too bad they don't move/remove sand traps. I saw a lot of golfers' golf balls land in them with frequency!

This ends your golf hole moving education for today. ( You're welcome ;)


  1. That's too funny about moving the holes! I never thought about that. My dad is an avid golfer and tried, for years, to get me to learn how to play. I was never interested. Now, I wish I had because I live in an area where there are many, many beautiful courses and many people that love the sport!

  2. I always love to learn something new. Thank you, Cindy!


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