Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful...

...time of the year!

Yes, I've always loved the old Staples commercial showing the parent shopping for school supplies with the kids. The parent's face is ecstatically happy...the kids, not so much.

Besides my deep adoration for office supplies (another post entirely), I have always loved sending my kids back to school when they were younger. Unfortunately, I was never the parent that took pictures of the kids on the first day of school getting on the school bus.

I always thought my memory would be so good as to take that mental picture, file it away in my mind, and retrieve it year after year after...well you get the picture. Memory, smemory. I should have taken pictures. Sigh.

So now that I have a new digital camera I wanted to take pictures of my "kids" as they leave for school. It's not their first day per'll see what I mean below.

Goodbye "Evil Genius"! He's driving away for his first in-service teachers' days. He'll be teaching middle school math beginning on September 7. We're proud and happy and excited for him as he begins his career!

Goodbye Young Sweetie! She's driving back to her university (her third year) and her first time with having a car available to her on campus. We're proud and happy and excited for her as she begins classes on August 30!

Our nest is now empty (except for school breaks). It's time for me to begin de-junking cleaning their rooms. And Wonderful Husband and I are planning our vacation for September. Woo hoo!


  1. Hi Cindy - I loved seeing pictures of your grown up kids - I can't imagine that stage yet, but I think I'll love it too. What a fun anniversary trip - next time I'll bring my hubby:) but he's awfully sweet to let me go on a girls trip!

  2. I gave you a Blog with Substance Award!

  3. This comment is going to be very random, but I wanted to say that I think this post is sweet. And I wanted to thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog. I will let you know how tomorrow goes! The other thing I wanted to say is that I see now why it works better to chart healthy/fitness goals/progress on one's own blog & then link with Kathy. When I go to her blog, I can see that it is a place to encourage her, not to hijack encouragement for myself. I don't have anything to report anyway: no gains or losses. I'm hoping when I have my son weaned I'll be able to start going somewhere with it! I'll keep checking back to see how you are coming along. Sorry for the long comment!


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