Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lifestyle and Stress

I had decided that I had better results with marking off 10 week increments while working on my lifestyle change. My plan is to eat less and move more.

So this is my Week 5 Update and I've lost 1/2 lb. in 5 weeks.

Can anyone say yo-yo? That's what my scale has been in the past 5 weeks.

I've been doing well with the move more part. I've been on the treadmill at a 2% incline, 3 mph, for 5-6 days per week. I've also been lifting 7 lb. weights trying to firm up my flabby arms and have seen improvement there too.

So the issue during this 5 week period has been the eat less part (and making more healthy choices). I've always known that I can go a bit bonkers when I'm stressed, so my lack of weight loss results have not been a suprise to me, yet it is disappointing.

Although I could list the reasons for the stress, it's been nothing tragic or mind boggling so I just need to get a grip and re-focus my efforts.

My next Losing It/Weight Loss Wednesdays blog update will be on Week 10 (September 15). In the meantime, I'll be checking in at House of Hills (on Fridays) and will be commenting on Karen Ehman's Weight Loss Wednesdays.

How has your journey been lately?

Update: Since Karen has decided to discontinue Weight Loss Wednesdays posts on her blog in a couple weeks, I'll be hanging out with my Losing It buddies at Kathy's House of Hills. The journey continues...


  1. Losing weight is such a struggle for me as well. I joined weight watcher for 3 months, hoping to get to my ultimate goal of 155. I'm 180 right now.

    I know with the Lord I can do it... it is still so hard though.

    So nice to meet another sister in the Lord. Don't you love in courage! Found you over there. I'm now following your blog.

    I blog over at Ordinary Inspirations.

    It is really great to connect with you!


  2. Weight loss is sooooooooooooo hard! But you can do it! Found your blog on! I blog at, visit anytime!

  3. Hey Cindy! I understand the frustration of weeks without change! :( I just keep telling myself that healthy choices will make a difference in the long term!


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