Friday, January 4, 2013

March - April 2012

March 2012

While reading through my journal, I realized that I was living with and leaning more closely toward God. I focused on sending cards to whomever God placed on my heart and most were easy to recognize.

March was a month filled with sending 27 cards and adding to my list of One Thousand Gifts. A month when I was a part of one of the Growth Groups at our church, the ladybugs once again invaded our master bathroom, and our sweet granddaughter slept like a baby.

April 2012

The remaining six cards were mailed during Lent. Yes, some days were a challenge but at the end of 40 days it was a blessing. Hopefully for others, definitely for me, and a tradition to be continued in 2013.

I was definitely enthralled with everything either beginning to bloom or already blooming....

Phlox from our yard

Daffodils from a neighbor's yard

I saw God leading me through my word for 2012 (Fellowship) using scripture, blogs and books. It was a wonderful month of God showing me connections and my sharing time with my Growth Group, breakfasts with former Bible Study Buddies, and the (in)RL 2012 webcast.

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