Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 In Review

Last year I read Mary Elizabeth's 2011 Year in Review and asked to borrow her idea. She gave me her blessing so here I go...

January 2012

Began with my almost having a heart attack from a mistake on our water bill. Previous quarter was $221.26. The following quarter was $9,769.32! Ack!

The problem? The township installed a new water meter and it was running backward. The problem was resolved but I still don't know how many years were "flushed from my life" from receiving this bill! Ha!

The good news was that after a deer ran into my van in November....

I brought LaVania home all undented and pretty in January. I guess I could have included a picture but you know what an undented van should look like, right?

February 2012

A month filled with love....

Our daughter was married at the courthouse.

Our granddaughter was baptized.

Valentine's Day gifts from Wonderful Husband.

I finally began reading my Kindle Fire and really appreciate the compactness of it all.

Karen Ehman inspired me while I read her post entitled, "Don't Give Up Something For Lent." The idea was to send a card of thanks or encouragement every day during Lent. Seven cards were mailed this month.


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    1. Happy New Year Amelia! Hoping to see a picture of your decorated Christmas tree in my future! :)


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