Friday, January 25, 2013

July - August 2012

July 2012

I began writing a series called "Finding Church." Wonderful Husband and I began visiting different churches and I must admit that I haven't finished the final post of this series. (I guess I had to leave something to write about in the new year!)

I was searching for life application from sermons, stronger leadership, more Christ, and a need/desire to be a part of a new (to me) faith community.

Meanwhile the month looked like this....

Wonderful Husband assisting our neighbor in
balloon removal from his tree.
The family Pig Roast.
A hot air balloon traveling over our home.
(Not the balloons that were stuck in our neighbor's tree.)

August 2012

I felt surrounded by blogs, books, and sermons speaking to me about church. A spiritual month filled with stretching and growing in my faith. 

The Teacher read to his niece.
Had to include her sweet "Fishy Face."

On August 24th, I began reading The One Year Chronological Bible (again). 

Yes, I realize I said August.

"Better late than never" is an encouraging old saying.

It seems very forgiving too.


  1. Ummmm, does that mean you found a church? I'm looking forward to your next post about this. You've left us hanging, Cindy! :) And "Better late than never" is my motto." Because if I couldn't do it late, I'd never do anything! I hope Heaven lets me in when I've finally got it all done.

    1. Ha I didn't mean to leave you hanging! Just trying to process out my last step to the decision. Maybe February?


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