Friday, August 24, 2012

Non-Denominational Visit

Finding Church

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From a post at Her.meneutics:
"As Christians, we must seek after a personal relationship with Jesus Christ without neglecting the importance of a faith community providing discipleship and accountability along the journey." Lesley Sebek Miller 

I need life application from the sermon, stronger leadership, more Christ. I am adding to my list my need/desire for a faith community.

The next church we visited was a non-denominational church.
A very large church. 
We found our way to the auditorium, took our seats and the service began.

My thoughts:
  • Very different from my more traditional experience.
  • No cross to be seen. Overhead spotlights. Looking at a stage.
  • Large auditorium with stadium seating, upstairs balcony too.
  • Standing to sing praise songs with the words on the big screen. 
  • A Praise Band.
  • Interesting use of technology in that during the offertory song the pastor asked for people to text what problem they have with forgiving others....and the texts appeared on the screens for us to read and the pastor adapted some into his sermon.
  • The sermon "Why I Can't Forgive." A good topic and brought up The Lord's Prayer, Jesus teaching us to  "forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors," but then he goes on to say that they don't say The Lord's Prayer very often during their services.
  • Uh oh. Stop the train. I've always said The Lord's Prayer at church. (My Presby side is showing again.)
  • A true multi-generational church. People with young kids, single people, couples our age...and older people too.
Wonderful Husband's words when I asked what he thought:
"I liked it."
(Still a man of few words:)

My closing thought(s):
  • A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want "to live there."
  • Our son pointed out that I wouldn't have to join. Which is a valid point. Yet my purpose in looking for a new church is to make a commitment to the place and find a community. To me, that means to join.
  • I've discovered that while I think of myself as being contemporary in my heart....I'm really traditional in my soul. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed in that lesson.

Live and learn.

To be continued....


  1. It sounded fun at least! :) I think it's great that you and your husband are doing this together.

    1. It was an energetic service and quite different than what we've experienced in the past. And yes, we're in this adventure together. Thank goodness! :)


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